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Digital Transformation for Automotive Industry

Unlimited level of BOM appeals to enterprise in automotive industry because of the advanced and comprehensive features in monitoring complicated and sophisticated product structure. Tightly combined with user-defined parameters and rules, enterprise accesses the required data speedy and reviews the production process clearly which improves efficiency and optimises the operation process. In addition with rigorous batch management, impressive quality and efficiency are achieved in the automotive production process. Let’s grow your automotive business with Multiable!

Flexible Search Engine and Copy Feature:

Being a comprehensive platform with different features, M18 ERP empowers user-defined attributes for product/ material/ component/ BOM. With the attribute keyword, enterprise searches similar/ identical record within the enormous database and accesses the required data speedy and correctly. With the user-friendly copy and save as feature, enterprise create data record/order in an efficiency and optimised way. By providing such powerful search engine, M18 ERP assists enterprise to accomplish and exceed the operational targets and visionary goals, estimate predictions, and make better decisions.

Unlimited level of BOM:

To provide a professional and exhaustive solution for automotive industry, M18 ERP must tackle the complicated and sophisticated product feature, for example complex product structure, numerous components and materials, etc. This is how unlimited level of BOM can show its power. The unlimited level of BOM feature has even been recognised for its uniqueness and robust architecture. By seamlessly integration with PDM/PLM, enterprise reviews product/ material/ component/ BOM clearly with real-time basis. Such inclusive database included the visual data, i.e. image of the object, reduces the duplicated data input and increases data accuracy.

Intelligent budgeting management:

Feature-rich M18 ERP’s instant cost estimation based on user-defined product structure which assists enterprise in handling budgeting management and improving the efficiency. With the intelligent M18 ERP cost calculation module, actual cost can be calculated automatically for each order/ machine, for example:

  • Cost for the Raw Materials,
  • Labour Cost,
  • Outsourced Processing Cost,
  • Power Cost, e.g. Water, Electricity,
  • Equipment Depreciation, etc.

By the precise data calculated by M18 ERP, enterprise can improve its productivity by establish cost analysis, cost control and improvement policies.

Document management system

integrated with BOM:

M18 ERP provides a comprehensive and unified platform for enterprise to manage blueprint and BOM systematically. By integrating the systems, all component/ material/ product in blueprint and BOM are perfectly connected together and it enhances the convenience in accessing the data. For the authority concern, M18 ERP empowers user-defined setup for enterprise to decide the access power for each user which provides a flexible and autonomic platform for enterprise to manage the system.

Production Schedule Optimisation:

Robust M18 ERP production module generates structured and precise production scheduling based on processing time and accurate deadlines for each machines/ work centre/ working progress/ shift. Collaborated with the workload data, the production schedule is generated automatically in order to increase the efficiency in scheduling and avoid overscheduling due to employee theft and administrative losses. In addition with automatic reminder function, enterprise will be acknowledged once there is abnormal situation on the production progress. Then, enterprise can solve the abnormality immediately and reduce the time wasted in discovering problem manually.

Precise Wage Calculation:

M18 ERP provides comprehensive features for managing employee attendance and payroll, for instance leave management, shift management, attendance calculation, etc. The calculation will be user-defined based on piece rate pay or time-based pay in order to fit for different enterprises’ requirement, such as by product, by process, by department, by individual, by group, etc. which is adapted to different processes, workshops, machining centres, time of product processing, etc. By automatic wage calculation in real-time basis to compare the actual output with the wage calculation, not only enhances the efficiency in wage calculation but also ensures the accuracy. Such robust wage calculation feature can optimise the HR associate productivity and minimise human error effectively.

Major ERP Functions for Automotive Industry

Lot Number Control

Category Management

Built-in AQL

Quality Control Management

Attribute Management

Production Process Scheduling

Work Centre Allocation

Capacity Requirement Planning

Production Job Re-scheduling

Labour Cost Calculation (per PCS/ Working Hour)

Bill of Materials

Master Production Scheduling

Material Picking Management

Work Process Dispatch Management

Work Process Complete Management

Production Subcontracting


Inventory Management

Subcontracting Quality Control

Subcontracting Refund Management

Subcontracting Purchasing Management

Cost Budgeting

Highlights for the Solutions of Automotive Industry

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Flexible User-defined Set Up with No Code Approach
    • Production Process Condition
    • Routing
    • Subcontracting
    • Outsource
    • Self-production
    • Unlimited Field and Form Editing
    • Unlimited User-defined Module
    • Unlimited Production KPI Setup
    • Unlimited Product/ Material Category
    • Unlimited Product/ Material Attribute
    • Unlimited Product/ Material Data
    • Lot Number Tracking
  • Unit Conversion for Product/ Semi-finished Product/ Material
  • Unlimited Blueprint/Document Uploading
  • Encrypted Blueprint/Document Downloading
  • Authorization Setup for Blueprint/Document Management
  • Switch Different Production Routes at any time
    • Subcontract,
    • Production by Enterprise, etc.
  • Labour Cost (Individual/ Group) Calculation per PCS / Working Hour
  • PDM/PLM Integration
  • Bill of Materials
  • Native Mobile App
    • Workflow Approval & Review
    • Real-time Inventory Status
    • Conduct Analysis on Production Report
  • Real-time Integration with Finance Module
  • Automatic Reminder on MRP Status Change once Production Process is Adjusted