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What is HR System?

HR System is designed for human capital management which is the comprehensive set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing and optimizing the human resources of an organization. HR systems are sold either as components of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or as separate products that are typically integrated with ERP. In these few years, on-premises HR System has been superseded by software as a service (SaaS) as the preferred deployment option. The functions of HR System are generally organized as the core employee record, which details personnel actions, benefits administration and payroll, position management and compliance with government regulations.

Why is HR System important?

HR System is important because human resources management is never an easy job. It is complicated. From hiring, maintenance of employee data to intranet portals, as well as employee self-service and manager self-service, you really need an HR System to conduct the management.
A company needs to know on a cost level how many employees they have and the related costing, along with turnover rates and analytics to help them make decisions and understand the essential talent that makes the organization successful.

What kinds of business need HR System?

All kinds of business that prefer to develop people in a way that is aligned with the objectives of the business will definitely need a reliable HR System. Those HR System modules can help managers handle workforce management processes across functional areas and get rid of troubles such as government regulations. Multiable HR System provides built-in Hong Kong, Macau and PRC labor laws compliance and there is a flexible interface for users to develop tailored labor law compliance if needed.

We provide HR System for SME and enterprise.
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Cutting Edges @ HR System

  • Biometric enabled HR system
  • IoT enabled
  • Rule-based workflow engine, A.I. ready and fully customizable.
  • Cutting approval related customization cost by over 95% in comparison with traditional HR system.
  • Conventional HR systems just deploy easy-to-crack application level encryption.
  • M18 HCM store HR system data with built-in TDE protection.
  • Unlimited dimensions of headcount
  • Fully customized payroll formula.
  • Over 95% customization required in traditional HR system can be catered at zero cost.
  • Fully customized attendance formula.
  • Powerful payroll engines (Execute 1.2 millions payroll formula with retrospective calculation in 18 minutes)
  • Back-dated calculation / reporting
  • Interface for custom labour law compliance development
  • Leveraging social media

Personnel Management @ HR System

  • Headcount management
  • Custom privacy policy
  • Unlimited concurrent employment
  • Probation management
  • Undertaking agreement
  • Blacklist management

Labour Law Compliance @ HR System

  • Interface for user to develop tailored labour law compliance
  • Built-in Hong Kong , Macau, PRC labour laws compliance

Leave @ HR System

  • Unlimited leave types
  • Unlimited leave entitlement algorithms
  • Interface with payroll and roster
  • Accrual management
  • Leave circle

Attendance Roster @ HR System

  • Unlimited leave types
  • Unlimited leave entitlement algorithms
  • Interface with payroll and roster
  • Accrual management
  • Leave circle

Payroll @ HR System

  • Unlimited user-defined algorithm
  • Fully integration with personnel, leave and attendance modules
  • Automatic final payment and other event-specific payroll calculation
  • Cost allocation
  • Bank autopay
  • Social security / pension fund
  • Taxation

Performance Management @ HR System

  • Unlimited appraisal forms
  • Department / position / grade sensitive appraisal
  • Unlimited appraisers per appraisal
  • Unlimited appraisal cycles
  • User-defined KPI
  • User-defined competence
  • Social media leverage

Employee Self-Service @ HR System

  • E-Personnel
  • E-Leave
  • E-Payroll
  • E-Attendance
  • E-Appraisal
  • Branch / Shop express management kit